Monday, April 13, 2009

No game, bad weather caps a bad weekend for Denver

Weather Woes

I woke on the last day of my trip to a cold, wet, day. I was planning to see the Rockies-Phillies game that afternoon, but the weather wasn't promising. Meg, who was to drive to the game as I no longer had my car, agreed that it wouldn't be an enjoyable experience and so we decided to watch the Mets-Marlins game on TBS and partake in some Good Times Burgers. Much like my favourite burger joint In-n-Out, Good Times is a regional fast-food joint. Although it's located mostly in Colorado, there are some outlets in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Idaho.

I like trying these different burger places, and as we had a Buy 1 Mighty Deluxe Burger, Get One Free coupon, there was no time like the present to add to my burger resume. You can order whichever toppings you want on the Mighty Deluxe burger, I had the works along with a side of onion rings, something that should be available more readily in fast food establishments. It was a good burger, nice bun and plenty of toppings. I'd like to go back and try their other options, they had some nice looking desserts.

We then watched Josh Johnson throw a complete game as the Marlins defeated the Mets and hard-luck loser Johan Santana 2-1. Meanwhile, the weather had improved enough for the Rockies and Phillies to play, so we watched a few innings of that game as well. The few fans in attendance did not look like they were enjoying things, with temperatures just above freezing and on-and-off drizzle throughout the afternoon. With the Rockies leading 5-1 in the 4th, it was time to get going to my hotel, located near the airport. Meg kindly drove me, and we chatted about my week in Denver and our upcoming trips. At the hotel, we said our goodbyes, but I'm sure we'll meet again at a stadium near you. Thanks for everything Meg!

As it turned out, the Rockies blew their 5-1 lead, losing 7-5 on a Matt Stairs homer in the 9th inning. So it was a good game, but at 3:14 long, better enjoyed inside on this chilly day.

Dreary Denver sports weekend

I'll add another post on my thoughts on Denver later, but one thing that surprised me is that Denver has 9 different professional sports teams. This doesn't include the nearby 14ers and Rage in Broomfield, or the CHL's Eagles in Loveland, and of course, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox are just an hour away. So it's a great destination for the sports fan, with chances to watch a game year-round.

But Easter weekend was not a good one for the locals. The Rockies lost twice to the World Champion Phillies, the Avalanche lost twice (1-0 both times, so the home fans couldn't even cheer a final goal), the Mammoth lost in overtime, and the Rapids drew 1-1 on the road. So an 0-5-1 record for Denver teams over the two days, coupled with a cold and wet Easter Sunday made for a rather unhappy ending to the trip.

Well, I'm flying back to Japan tomorrow, so the daily updates will stop now. I'll try to have some more interesting posts going forward, so stay tuned.



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