Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying back to Japan

I flew from Denver to Tokyo via LA on Monday, arriving home about 22 hours after I checked out of my hotel. It's so weird to essentially lose two days, since you have no idea of time while on the plane and after getting home, you fall asleep quickly due to the jet lag. My last memory of the US is watching Sunday night baseball on ESPN, and here it is Wednesday afternoon in Tokyo.

Anyway, the flight from Denver was great, clear skies all the way and some nice views of downtown Denver, the mountains, and the Grand Canyon, which I've posted below. I flew United, which managed to fill up a 777 for an early Monday flight. Despite their bad rep, the service was good, although Channel 9 was off again.

The flight from LA to Tokyo was uneventful, although we arrived late due to strong headwinds. ANA apologized profusely for the delay, which I found amusing as I doubt that they have much control over the wind patterns above the Pacific Ocean. They probably should have apologized for the food they offered instead.

The next trip is a weekend jaunt to Korea for a hockey tournament that I am playing in, and then I'll be heading Down Under for some rugby games in early May. Updates will be posted here as always.



Downtown Denver - note Coors Field on the right side

Close-up of Coors - this picture looks like a model, but it's the real deal

Pepsi Center

Invesco Field

Rockies - the mountains, not the ball team

More Rockies

Grand Canyon - the window was iced up which prevented a good picture here

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