Friday, April 3, 2009

Frontier Airlines leads the way

After my comments yesterday regarding airports in the US, I had the pleasure of flying Frontier from Denver International today. The airline is based in Terminal A, which is a newer and more comfortable facility than most of the other airports in the nation. I did have the first flight of the day, which means that the scheduling problems that plague later flights have yet to enter the system - all the planes are ready to go at the gate. And things are less crowded so early in the morning. But overall, it was a great flying experience: easy check-in, friendly staff, a nice plane with comfortable seats (Sherman the Sea Lion or N905FR, barely visible in the photo to the left), and more beautiful scenery as we flew south over the desert, landing at Phoenix. The best part was leaving 40 degree weather and arriving in 75 degree weather, a sort of meteorlogical Jacob's Ladder.

Frontier is currently in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, but has made a small operating profit for the last 4 consecutive months, so they might be turning things around. I do hope that they are able to survive, as they seem to understand how to making flying fun!

US Airways Center from Frontier 855

Chase Field too!

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