Monday, April 13, 2009

D-League Playoffs begin - top 3 seeds choose their opponents

After watching my first NBA D-League game a week ago in Broomfield, I started doing a little research into the circuit. One article immediately caught my attention. The top 3 seeds in the playoffs would choose their first-round opponents. Given that the first two rounds of the playoffs are single elimination, this is certainly risky for the higher-seeded team, who could give motivation to their opponent should they feel slighted by being chosen. But I like this innovative angle as it rewards teams who finish higher and makes the regular season more meaningful. In the NBA and NHL, the reward for a higher finish is just one extra home game, when it really should be a lot more. We'll see how this plays out, but tonight the top-seeded Colorado 14ers thumped the Erie Bayhawks 129-108 to win their first-round matchup.

One additional note: all NBADL playoff games are shown live on-line at the league website. The quality of the game is good and I urge true basketball fans to check it out.



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