Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finals schedules conflicting!

The NHL has already started the Stanley Cup Finals, thankfully avoiding the potential 8-day wait that would have occurred had either semi-final series gone one more game. However, two games of the schedule conflict with the NBA Finals, dates for which are decided well in advance of the playoffs.

In particular, game 4 of the Stanley Cup is on at the same time as game 1 of the NBA finals (Thursday June 4th), while game 6 (not looking likely given the way Detroit is playing) and game 3 also share the same time slot (Tuesday June 9th). I'm really hoping for the Cup Finals to make it to game 6 so we can get a ratings comparison - both games will be on national networks, and I'd expect the NBA game to dominate the ratings war. Not sure what NBC is thinking there, you would expect them to try to avoid going head-to-head with the more popular NBA. But as a sports fan who wants to see both series, I'm a bit disappointed that I'll be missing at least one game and maybe two. And since I am living in Japan without cable at the moment, switching channels is not an option. I guess the only solution is to fly to Singapore and watch the games there. So I will!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Tokorozawa to watch the Seibu Lions minor league team in the afternoon, and their major league team in the evening, will have a report on that on Wednesday.



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