Friday, May 1, 2009

NHL Playoff Road Trip - wish I could go

This year, the second round of the NHL playoffs is unique, as 2 of the 4 Western Conference teams are actually located in the east or midwest, i.e., within driving distance of the Eastern Conference teams. This allows for 6 of the 8 sites to be visited in a week, which would be a great road trip, if I was living close by at least.

Friday, May 1: Carolina at Boston
Saturday, May 2: Pittsburgh at Washington
Sunday, May 3rd: Anaheim at Detroit
Tuesday, May 5th: Vancouver at Chicago
Wednesday, May 6th: Washington at Pittsburgh
Friday, May 8th: Boston at Carolina
Saturday, May 9th: Pittsburgh at Washington
Sunday, May 10th: Carolina at Boston

Checking the AHL playoffs, there's a game in Grand Rapids on the 4th. There's even a minor league baseball game in Salem, VA on the 7th, to complete the schedule. And if the Celtics beat the Bulls, perhaps they'd have a game around the 11th. The Red Sox are at home on the 10th as well, but it's the Sunday Night Baseball game, which conflicts with the Bruins game.

It'd be a great trip, but tickets would be rather difficult (and expensive) to get on game day. Still, always fun to think about these things.



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  1. Half the joy and fun is in the wishing and the looking and the planning. Meg