Friday, May 8, 2009

Off to Australia

I'm flying to Australia overnight tonight, and it's a rare trip for me as sports is not the primary motivation. Jetstar, an Australian low-cost carrier, celebrated their second year serving Japan by offering a great deal between Tokyo and the Gold Coast. At $400 return, it's about half what you might normally pay, so I booked my tickets quickly, without thinking much about the sports aspect.

Jetstar doesn't offer a free meal, even on this long flight, which is one way they cut costs. You can buy your meal in advance, but I'd rather avoid airplane food if possible, so that doesn't bother me. They also sell blankets, pillows, and entertainment sets for those who need them. Jetstar has a bad reputation within Australia for always being late, we'll see if that applies to their international flights.

The reason I chose this timing was to catch a Super 14 game in Brisbane (about an hours drive from the Gold Coast) on the way back, while spending the rest of the time in Sydney. Turns out that I picked a terrible weekend for watching rugby, though.

Fortunately, I have a few friends there and I'm sure we'll find other things to do. There is a Shute Shield match tomorrow between Manly and the Northern Suburbs which I'm looking forward to (preview). Other than that, it will be a week without sports, as I'm traveling without a laptop, so will miss the rest of round 2 in the NHL playoffs. Looks good for Vancouver though, reminds me of 1994. Go Canucks!

I won't be updating for the next week, so I'll talk to everyone when I'm back.



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