Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NHL Road Trip

The NHL schedule was released last week, and I put it through my patented NHL Road Trip spreadsheet which creates a simple matrix with the teams schedules listed in geographical order, so one can easily plan a trip. I do this every year just to see what possible trips would look like. With the 2010 Olympics being held during the season, the 82-game schedule is a bit more compact, which makes it a bit easier to plan a trip as there are less extended road trips.

This is the first trip I came across, using Ottawa as the starting point. I won't be taking it (the NFL trip, which is unlikely at this point, takes priority), but just posting it here for your perusal. Ambitious roadtrippers can add AHL games as well as ECHL games, although I'll leave that for an actual trip plan.

Date Vis Home
10/12/2009 PIT OTT
10/15/2009 COL MON
10/21/2009 NAS BOS
10/24/2009 WAS NYI
10/26/2009 PHO NYR
10/28/2009 BUF NJ
10/31/2009 CAR PHI
11/01/2009 CMB WAS
11/06/2009 TOR CAR
11/08/2009 STL ATL
11/14/2009 NYI FLO
11/12/2009 MIN TB
11/19/2009 NJ NAS
11/23/2009 BOS STL
11/25/2009 STL DAL
11/27/2009 DAL PHO
12/03/2009 OTT LA
12/06/2009 OTT ANA
12/09/2009 LA SJ
12/18/2009 WAS VAN
12/27/2009 VAN CAL
12/30/2009 TOR EDM
01/06/2010 NYI COL
01/09/2010 CHI MIN
01/10/2010 ANA CHI
01/14/2010 CAR DET
01/18/2010 STL CMB
01/21/2010 WAS PIT
01/27/2010 NJ BUF
01/30/2010 VAN TOR

Some good games in there, a small break for Christmas, and finishing with Vancouver in Toronto - actually maybe I should do this trip after all. Anyone want to join?



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  1. Hmmmmm .... Islanders @ Colorado. I might have to check that one out.