Monday, July 13, 2009

No game in Scranton

I left New York early Sunday morning, driving to Buffalo with a planned stop in Scranton to catch a AAA game. It's only about 2.5 hours to get there, and the game was scheduled for 1:05, so I left around 9:30 and made my way across New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. As I neared the Scranton area, I scanned the radio and found the pre-game show - it was still only 11:40, so I was surprised that they would have a pre-game show so early. I was even more surprised when the announcer said "We'll be back to Alliance Bank Stadium in Syracuse in a minute." What?! Why would a Buffalo-Scranton game be played in Syracuse? I must have misheard, and being close to the stadium, decided to continue anyway.

Well, I hadn't misheard after all. Due to drainage issues with PNC field, the entire series had been moved - the first two games were played in Allentown, the next two in Syracuse. So there was no game for me to see after all. Interestingly, I had planned to see 4 minor league games on this trip, but only saw 4 innings of one game due to the car troubles, rain, and this relocation. Oh well.

If I had checked the internet before I left, perhaps I would have noticed this, but it wouldn't have mattered much, I doubt I could have made Syracuse for the 12:00 start. I just continued on my trip, arriving much earlier in Buffalo than anticipated and enjoying a quiet evening with ESPN while updating the blog.

Next game?

There's no more games on the schedule. I am visiting family for the next week, with no sports nearby. After I return to Japan, I'll try to find some ballgames to watch, but otherwise will be trying to get a short-term job to extend the work visa. Nonetheless, I'll be updating the blog regularly as I decide whether to do the NFL trip and other sports trips ideas.



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