Sunday, August 2, 2009

A few updates

NFL Road Trip postponed until 2010

It's August! Can you believe it? With all the rain here, I still thought it was May, but the calendar doesn't lie. With only a month to go until the NFL season opens, I realize that I'm not going to be able to make the full-scale road trip this season. There are several reasons for this: I couldn't find someone willing to go with me; the problems on my last trip with the car made me realize I need to be better prepared; and my work visa exprires in October, which means if I want to stay in Japan, I'll need to find a short-term job in the next two months. I still hope to make the Buffalo/Toronto games though, but we'll see what happens.

Ottawa Fury eliminated

Last week, the Ottawa Fury suffered their first loss of the season - unfortunately it came in their first playoff game. Despite a full house of 780 fans, the Fury fell 2-1 in overtime to the Ocean City Barons. Still, this is a league worth following, and I encourage anyone living close to a PDL or USL team to get involved.

Teikyo to represent Eastern Tokyo at Koshien

In a recent post, I mentioned watching Teikyo win their semi-final match-up in the Eastern Tokyo High School Baseball Championship Regionals. They went on to win their final game 24-1 and will make the trip to Osaka. I'll be rooting for them and will keep you posted on their progress. If you are interested in a more complete description in English of every game in Koushien, please try this blog. He provides great detail on every game during the tournament.

Crappy Weather Continues

Finally, rain prevented me from going to the game in Yakult Toda Field on Friday. It was drizzling in the morning and I wasn't going to make the 90-minute trip without knowing if the game was going to be played. Turns out the rain stopped and the game was played and Yakult won 25-1 - so I'm rather glad I didn't have to sit through 3.5 hours of that. The bad weather has kept me away from a few games, but I will try to visit each of the remaining Tokyo-area minor league stadiums over the next month as the summer takes hold. As always, reports will be posted here.



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