Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorado 14ers moving to Texas

It's old news, but I just found out that the Colorado 14ers, defending NBA D-League champions, have been bought and are to be moved to Frisco, Texas for play starting in 2010. I saw them play when I did my Colorado sports trip back in April and really enjoyed the experience. I thought that the value for money paid was great but perhaps the local residents didn't agree.

To be fair, in these minor leagues, franchise instability is not uncommon, especially when the economy is failing. I suspect the owners were losing money and saw a chance to get out. As someone who has seen hometown teams move elsewhere, I feel for those fans in Broomfield who liked high-quality basketball at an affordable price. I hope the D League can return here in the near future.

In a related note, the Rocky Mountain Rage, the other tenant in the Broomfield Events Center, are also suspending play for the 2009-10 CHL season, but they hope to return to the league after that. It does look like the economy is responsible for a lot of these franchise difficulties, so when things finally pick up, these teams should be able to return to play.



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