Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Connecticut Defenders moving to Richmond, VA

Back in July I visited Norwich, CT to see a game between the Connecticut Defenders and Harrisburg Senators. A brief but powerful afternoon rainstorm rendered the field unplayable and the game was called. I was upset but optimistic that I could return in the next couple of years to catch a game there.

Sadly, my optimism was unfounded. The Defenders have announced that they are moving to Richmond, where they will take up residence at the Diamond, former home of the Richmond Braves. In the minors, team relocation is an annual occurrence; there are well over 150 teams in the various affiliated leagues so it's natural that a few will be sold every off-season. I've seen the AAA Vancouver Canadians move to Sacramento and the AAA Ottawa Lynx head down to Allentown, just two of several Canadian teams that moved south. Last year, Tucson moved to Reno while Richmond left for Gwinnett, GA. I'm sure there's dozens of other examples. The upshot is that when you have a chance to see a game on the road, you should take it - you never know when that team will be packing up for greener pastures.



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