Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Minor League Playoffs - Another Road Trip Plan

Every year at this time, I like to check the minor league playoffs to see if I could do a road trip and see a game every day, ending up in Oklahoma City for the AAA championship game. Of course, since it's the playoffs, you can only plan the first few days of the trip and then hope that certain teams advance to the next round. So it's a bit of a logistical problem. I've never done such a trip, but it's always in the back of my mind, should I ever return to Canada to live.

The trip I would like to take starts in the Northeast with the NY-Penn League, whose playoffs start today. Both Brooklyn and Staten Island are in and have home games on the first two days, so NYC as good a place to start as any. Then Connecticut is home the next day, and New Britain the day after that, facing each other in Eastern League action. I guess that's not much of a road trip when your only driving 200 miles or so.

After that, it becomes difficult to plan, because the remaining first round games are TBD. But Reading, Scranton, and Wilmington are all near by, so hopefully one of them takes a series to 5 games. After that, who knows. It'd be the second round, and you'd have to wait until those teams were decided before moving on. But I'd want to go west to get closer to Oklahoma, so I might move onto the Midwest League, maybe heading south to Louisville or Memphis in the Interational League and then over to the Texas League for their championship series.

I'll update this post as the playoffs progress. For now, here's the first four games I'd see, along with the miles I would drive.

Sept 8: Mahonging Valley at Brooklyn (NYPL) - 450 miles
Sept 9: Lowell at Staten Island (NYPL) - 25 miles
Sept 10: New Britain at Connecticut (EL) - 160 miles
Sept 11: Connecticut at New Britain (EL) - 60 miles
Sept 12: Reading/Scranton?

Update: I'm back from Hawaii and while I was gone, the entire playoffs were completed, except for the AAA championship. Here are the games I would have seen from Sept 12.

Sept 12: Gwinnett at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL) - 180 miles
Sept 13: Wilmington at Lynchburg (Car L) - 400 miles
Sept 14: Greenville at Lakewood (SAL) - 400 miles - unlikely to make this drive with game in Durham next day
Sept 15: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at Durham (IL) - 460 miles
Sept 16: Sacramento at Memphis ( PCL) - 750 miles - tough drive
Sept 17: Lakewood at Greenville (SAL) - 530 miles
Sept 18: Jacksonville at Tennessee (SL) - 150 miles
Sept 19: Midland at NW Arkansas (TL) - 750 miles
Sept 22: Durham v Memphis at Oklahoma City - 205 miles

OK, this trip is just stupid. Two 750 mile drives to see minor league games? I doubt I'd be able to do that alone. But it's always fun to plan it. Maybe next year?



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