Thursday, December 17, 2009

January Trip Booked - Atlanta, Nashville, and Florida, here I come!

My job finishes at year-end, so I've decided to celebrate with a sports road trip in January! It turns out the Toronto Maple Leafs have a 5-game road trip that starts in Washington, then heads south to Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa and Miami. I haven't been to Florida or Georgia since my 2001 trip, and I've never seen hockey or basketball down there. So when I checked the NBA schedules and found some good matchups such as Cleveland at Miami and Boston at Orlando, I decided that a two-week jaunt would be a great way to start the year.

I'll fly to Atlanta first and check out the Sabres-Thrashers and Suns-Hawks games as well as an ECHL game in nearby Gwinnett. The Southern Professional Hockey League is in Knoxville, and then on to Nashville for the first Leafs game. A long drive to Atlanta follows for back-to-back Leaf tilts, and then south to Florida for 10 days, finishing with a National Lacrosse League game in expansion Orlando. On the return to Atlanta, there's an NCAA basketball game in Macon. I'm also leaving NFL conference championship Sunday open in case New Orleans is hosting - I may just fly there for the game.

Here's the complete schedule as of December 21st - note that I sometimes make changes as events are discovered:
Jan 14 Buffalo at Atlanta (NHL) 7:00
Jan 15 Phoenix at Atlanta (NBA) 7:30
Jan 16 Charlotte at Gwinnett (ECHL)7:05
Jan 17 Pensacola at Knoxville (SPHL) 5:00
Jan 18 Toronto at Nashville (NHL) 7:00
Jan 19 Toronto at Atlanta (NHL) 7:00
Jan 20 Wofford at Georgia Tech (NCAA Men's Tennis) 2:00
Jan 21 Toronto at Tampa Bay (NHL) 7:00
Jan 22 Gwinnett at Florida (ECHL) 7:30
Jan 23 Toronto at Florida (NHL) 7:00
Jan 25 Cleveland at Miami (NBA) 7:30
Jan 26 Montreal at Florida (NHL) 7:30
Jan 27 Lynn at Florida Tech (NCAA Men's Basketball) 7:30
Jan 28 Boston at Orlando (NBA) 8:00
Jan 29 Rochester at Orlando (NLL) 7:35
Jan 30 Stetson at Mercer (NCAA Men's Basketball) 3:30
It should be a great trip, stay tuned for posts on each game!



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