Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off to Atlanta

Finally it's here! After 6 months of no major league sports and 3 months of work, I'm heading out to Narita airport now to fly to Atlanta. If things work out, I should arrive in time to see the Buffalo Sabres taking on the Atlanta Thrashers on Thursday night. But I'm flying via Minneapolis, so there's a chance of a winter weather delay. Here's hoping everything works out and my next post will be a summary of the flight and the game.

Update from the plane to Atlanta: should be landing at 4:30 which leaves a couple of hours to check in to the hotel and then head on over to Philips Arena to watch the game.

Here's the complete schedule for the next two weeks.
Jan 14 Buffalo at Atlanta (NHL) 7:00
Jan 15 Phoenix at Atlanta (NBA) 7:30
Jan 16 Charlotte at Gwinnett (ECHL)7:05
Jan 17 Pensacola at Knoxville (SPHL) 5:00
Jan 18 Toronto at Nashville (NHL) 7:00
Jan 19 Toronto at Atlanta (NHL) 7:00
Jan 20 Wofford at Georgia Tech (NCAA Men's Tennis) 2:00
Jan 21 Toronto at Tampa Bay (NHL) 7:00
Jan 22 Gwinnett at Florida (ECHL) 7:30
Jan 23 Toronto at Florida (NHL) 7:00
Jan 25 Cleveland at Miami (NBA) 7:30
Jan 26 Montreal at Florida (NHL) 7:30
Jan 27 Lynn at Florida Tech (NCAA Men's Basketball) 7:30
Jan 28 Boston at Orlando (NBA) 8:00
Jan 29 Rochester at Orlando (NLL) 7:35
Jan 30 Stetson at Mercer (NCAA Men's Basketball) 3:30
Jan 31 Detroit at Pittsburgh (NHL) 3:00
Keep checking in for regular updates of the first big trip of the year. Go Leafs!



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