Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Work - for a day

In what appeared to be a shocking development, I tentatively accepted a 1-month contract at my previous firm. The project looked to be a lot of work, so I expected to be taking it easy on the sports watching and blogging for the next month. But as it turns out, the project didn't really require my services, so it turns out that I won't be working there after all. So I'll still be here to bore you all with my sporting updates.

There's not much going on in February other than the Winter Olympics and the completely meaningless East Asian soccer championship, where Japan invites Korea, China, and Hong Kong over for a little tournament. As an aside, Japan was shutout by China on the weekend, which makes me wonder how they plan to beat the Netherlands, Denmark, or Cameroon on their way to the World Cup semi-finals (their stated goal).

I'm off to Phuket in early March to play in a street hockey tournament, then Manila to meet friends. After that, a Japanese road trip is planned - more on that later. The next big trip isn't until early May, when I revisit California and Arizona for some baseball and maybe some NBA or NHL playoffs. As usual, updates will be available here.



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