Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprise trip to Toronto and Ottawa!

I've had it with the Olympic coverage here, so I've decided to do something about it - spend the last few days back in Canada. OK, I'm not being entirely truthful; I'm not returning home just to watch the Olympics. In reality, I had a bit of good news that freed up the last week of February and the first week of March. The only question was where to go.

With my parents still living in Ottawa, I knew I had to spend a few days there, and a quick check of the hockey schedule revealed the Senators would be hosting the Rangers on March 2nd and then Toronto on March 6th. So I knew I would be in Ottawa for that week, but I wanted to add another city in there for some more live sports. I first considered Vancouver for a few nights to enjoy the Olympic atmosphere, but hotel prices were sky-high, so that plan was quickly rejected.

I then looked at the Toronto sports schedules and found that the Marlies, Raptors, and Rock were home on four consecutive nights from February 24th. A quick check of flights and I knew I had my destination. The full schedule for this trip is below (updated Feb 27th after I missed the Cavs/Raptors game due to jet lag and Olympic Hockey). It all came together rather quickly but it will be a lot of fun. And I'll be able to see the Olympic hockey semi-finals and finals live and in English!

Feb 24 Portland at Toronto (NBA) 7:00 Watching Canada-Russia QF in Detroit Airport after flight delay
Feb 25 Hershey at Toronto (AHL) 7:00
Feb 26 Cleveland at Toronto (NBA) 7:00 Watching Canada-Slovakia SF
Feb 27 Orlando at Toronto (NLL) 7:00
Mar 2 NY Rangers at Ottawa (NHL) 7:30
Mar 5 Barrie at Ottawa (OHL) 7:00
Mar 6 Toronto at Ottawa (NHL) 7:00
Mar 7 Hartford at Toronto (AHL) 4:00


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