Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Sports Sunday

Just wanted to let my faithful readers in on a little secret: Europe is great for sports! Today was May 16th, a typical Sunday for many. But here in London, it was a fantastic day for sports fans. We started off with the F1 beginning at 1 pm. To be honest, I missed it as I was actually doing some sightseeing. Shameful I know. But at 4:30 it was the T20 World Cup, the championship for 20/20 cricket. It featured Australia and England and took place in the Barbados. England won quite easily to take their first limited overs world championship.

Normally these two events might be enough for a typical sports fan. But not here. While the 20/20 was going on, Barcelona was defeating Valladolid 4-0 in the Spanish La Liga. The win gave Barca the title and relegated Valladaloid. At the same time, Oxford United knocked off York 3-1 to take the Blue Square Premier playoff spot that promotes them to League 2 next season. I was considering going to this game but the weather was not that good so I chose the drinking beer and watching cricket option instead.

Bored yet? I haven't mentioned the Guiness Premiership rugby semi-final between Leicester and Bath. That was on at the same time and Leicster won 15-6 in a game that saw no tries, only 7 penalties. Leicester face the Saracens next week in the final to be held at Twickenham in London.

The last game of the evening was the women's 20/20 championship between Australia and New Zealand. I caught some of the match at a local and found it to be much less interesting than the men's game as Australia could only manage 106 runs in their 20 overs. But the Kiwis were worse and only notched 103 runs as Australia took one title at least.

For those who would want more sports, the NBA and NHL playoffs both began their conference finals on the same day. Chicago won in San Jose and Boston upset Orlando while Montreal and Philly are just underway.

What's the point of this post? Just that sports is universal and if you learn about the variety of available sports, you will always have something to watch.



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