Monday, August 23, 2010

Return to Minnesota?

I'm in the middle of planning a rather extensive trip home to Canada in December/January. Ottawa is no longer my primary destination as my parents have moved to Belleville, which is much better for short road trips to Toronto and Buffalo among other nearby destinations. I'm still waiting for the AHL schedule to be released this week to finalize the entire trip and will have a post on that shortly.

However, Brett Favre's recent shocking announcement that he would return for another season with Minnesota had me looking at the Vikings' schedule. I was immediately intrigued to see that the Buffalo Bills would be visiting the Mall of America Field on December 5th. I quickly checked out the NHL and NBA schedules and found out that the Timberwolves and Wild also had games that weekend! So I'm tentatively planning a 3-game trip on the way back to Canada as follows:

Fri Dec 3 - Flames at Wild
Sat Dec 4 - Cavaliers at Timberwolves
Sun Dec 5 - Bills at Vikings

The games themselves aren't that exciting but it'll be interesting to see how the Cavs are doing without LeBron and of course, to watch the Bills for the first time will be a thrill. Check back as usual for updates on those games and if you are in the MSP area, drop me a line.



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