Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MLB 2011 Schedule released - no trips for me

MLB has released their 2011 schedule and the news wasn't particularly good for me. I usually look for two things to plan a baseball trip: a new stadium (not happening) or an intriguing Blue Jays interleague series on the road. Unfortunately the Jays are in Cincinnati, Atlanta, and St. Louis; none of those cities are particularly enticing for me at this point.

I was hoping that Toronto might have a series in Houston as the state of Texas is the only place I haven't revisited since the 2001 trip. But the Astros make their first appearance in Toronto instead. Of course, the Blue Jays are in Arlington in mid-July but that's a regular occurrence and not something that'll get me planning a trip.

The season might begin in Taiwan and if that happens, I'll try to get to see that but otherwise, next summer looks to be a quiet one on the MLB front.



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