Monday, October 25, 2010

Dollar a Day Rental Car - Road Trip Plan

Dollar Rent A Car has a great special once in a while. You can rent a car for $1/day if you are driving it just one way. Pick up and drop off locations are limited and differ for each special, but are usually far enough apart that you can plan a nice little sports road trip. From now until November 17th, this special is available with pick up locations in New York City and Pittsburgh and drop offs in Houston, Dallas and some other Texas cities as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma. The biggest restriction is that the rental period is limited to 7 days so you can't just take your time, pretty much every day you want to be moving closer to your destination.

I've been looking at the schedules and found dozens of potential trips between these spots. I'd love to go, but my temp job and the Nabisco Cup Final keep me in Japan until November 3rd. I also need to be here on November 21st in order to fly to Okinawa for a few days. Even with those constraints, I found the following trip quite intriguing.
Nov 10   Bruins at Penguins 7:00
Nov 11 Reading at Wheeling 7:05 (ECHL)
Nov 12 Avalanche at Blue Jackets 7:00
Nov 13 Gwinnett at Cincinnati 7:30 (ECHL)
Nov 14 Bengals at Colts 1:00
Nov 15 Miami at Memphis 11:00 (NCAA Basketball, Midnight Madness)
Nov 16 Trailblazers at Grizzlies 7:00
Nov 17 Mavericks at Thunder 7:00
Nov 18 Sharks at Stars 7:30
The seven-day restriction is met by renting the car on November 11th, using public transit the day before to get from the airport to downtown Pittsburgh. The same would be done in Dallas: returning the car in the afternoon and taking the train from the airport to the arena. One note - the taxes and surcharges in Pittsburgh add $38 to the dollar-a-day price.

Am I going to take this trip? Sadly, it's quite unlikely, given my trip in December among other things. But it sure is tempting.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have some time off and want a cheap way to travel, check out the special at Dollar and see if you can put together your own sports road trip.



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