Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Sees Champions Suffer

Saturday was a good day in baseball if you are like me and hate seeing the same teams buying their way to the top year after year. In Japan's Saturday morning (Friday evening in Arlington), the defending champion New York Yankees were eliminated by the Texas Rangers, who advanced to their first World Series. Seeing A-Rod watch the final pitch of his team's season was sweet.

Then Saturday evening in Japan, the defending champion Yomiuri Giants were sent packing by the Chunichi Dragons in the second stage of the Central League Climax Series. The Giants are the big spenders of the NPB and seeing them and the Yankees lose on the same day was gratifying. The Dragons will face the Lotte Marines who finished 3rd in the Pacific League but managed to win both stages of the Climax Series. However, the Nippon Series doesn't start until next Saturday as the NPB continues its policy of prolonging the season for no apparent reason.

Finally, Saturday evening in Philadelphia, the 2-time defending NL champion Phillies were dispatched by the San Francisco Giants in a tense affair. The Phillies are no longer a laughingstock with the 4th highest payroll in the majors, so it's nice to see that their acquisition of the two Roy's (Halladay and Oswalt) wasn't enough to send them to a 3rd consecutive Fall Classic.

The Giants will now try for their first championship since moving to California. Whatever the case, one of two long-suffering fan bases will finally enjoy a championship. I always like to see different teams win so I'll enjoy this series regardless of who wins. Here's hoping for 7 games!



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