Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stadium Journey

It looks like I'll be in Japan for another year, so I've decided to help out a fellow roadtripper in his quest to document as many sports stadiums around the world. His name is Paul Swaney and his site is There are hundreds of reviews already posted by regional correspondents, and I've agreed to be the Northern Japan correspondent for this year. It only involves visiting the 5 baseball stadiums in the Tokyo area plus Sapporo and/or Nagoya. That's just one game a month, so I think I'll be able to handle it. I'll update here when I make a post but if you like stadium reviews, I encourage you to bookmark the site I've linked above as it has new reviews on a daily basis. Oh, and if you live in Osaka or somewhere else south of Tokyo and are interested in being a regional correspondent, please contact Paul via his site.

Next Up

The Asia Ice Hockey League finishes its season in Tokyo in mid-February so I'll check out a doubleheader there. After that, I'll attend one more Tokyo Apache game with a Japanese friend to see if he can shed any light on why nobody goes. In March, the NPB season starts, but other than those games I mentioned above, I'm giving this season a pass; I'm afraid my two-year attempt at "rediscovering" Japanese baseball has ended in failure. It's just not entertaining.

So it will be a quiet year for roadtrips, although I do hope to get one or two short jaunts back home. Whatever the case, I'll be adding a variety posts over time, so check back on occasion.



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