Sunday, May 8, 2011

NFL Road Trip 2011 - Almost perfect

While I traveling last month, the NFL released their 2011 schedule. Of course, there's a good chance many of the games won't be played, but that didn't stop me from planning a potential road trip. Without further ado, here is a route that gets you to all 32 home stadiums without too many unreasonable drives.
Thu Sep 8   New Orleans at Green Bay 7:30
Sun Sep 11 Atlanta at Chicago 12:00
Mon Sep 12 Oakland at Denver 8:15
Sun Sep 18 Oakland at Buffalo 1:00
Mon Sep 19 St. Louis at NY Giants 8:30
Sun Sep 25 Baltimore at St. Louis 3:05
Mon Sep 26 Washington at Dallas 7:30
Sun Oct 2 Pittsburgh at Houston 12:00
Mon Oct 3 Indianapolis at Tampa Bay 8:30
Sun Oct 9 Arizona at Minnesota 12:00
Mon Oct 10 Chicago at Detroit 8:30
Sun Oct 16 Philadelphia at Washington 1:00
Mon Oct 17 Miami at NY Jets 8:30
Sun Oct 23 Denver at Miami 1:00
Mon Oct 24 Baltimore at Jacksonville 8:30
Sun Oct 30 Cincinnati at Tennessee 3:05
Mon Oct 31 San Diego at Kansas City 7:30
Sun Nov 6 Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:20
Mon Nov 7 Chicago at Philadelphia 8:30
Sun Nov 13 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00
Sun Nov 20 Jacksonville at Cleveland 1:00
Mon Nov 21 Kansas City at New England 8:30
Thu Nov 24 San Francisco at Baltimore 8:20
Sun Nov 27 Carolina at Indianapolis 12:00
Mon Nov 28 NY Giants at New Orleans 7:30
Sun Dec 4 Dallas at Arizona 1:15
Sun Dec 11 Buffalo at San Diego 1:15
Mon Dec 12 St. Louis at Seattle 5:30
Sun Dec 18 Detroit at Oakland 1:05
Mon Dec 19 Pittsburgh at San Francisco 5:30
Sat Dec 24 Tampa Bay at Carolina 1:00
Sun Jan 1 Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00
The longest drive would be from San Diego to Seattle, a 20-hour journey that would need to be done in 25 hours between the Sunday afternoon and Monday night games. Overall, you'd be looking at 28,000 miles over four months, assuming Toronto as your start and end points. With the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, you could spend an extra month trying to catch playoff games in the south before moving back north to finish the season.

With the work stoppage currently ongoing though, the schedule is probably going to change, so this trip is not going to happen. I'll be going through the whole exercise next year with the hope that I might actually get around to finally doing it.



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