Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NFL Playoff Picture - Week 10

The NFL fooled me this season, and postponed their final bye week until week 11. So 4 teams have played ten games, which makes a true playoff picture a bit tricky. What I've done is revert those 4 clubs to their week 9 records so that every team has played nine games. I'm comparing these to the standings after 4 weeks; let's see what has changed.

Week 4 Week 10
1. GB (4-0) GB (9-0)
2. Was (3-1) SF (8-1)
3. SF (3-1) NO (6-3)
4. TB (3-1) NYG (6-3)
5. Det (4-0) Det (6-3)
6. NYG (3-1) Chi (6-3)

Week 4 Week 10
1. Hou (3-1) Hou (6-3)
2. Buf (3-1) NE (6-3)
3. Bal (3-1) Bal (6-3)
4. SD (3-1) Oak (5-4)
5. Ten (3-1) Cin (6-3)
6. NE (3-1) Pit (6-3)

Parity rules. This should be an exciting finish to the season. Note that Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati this past weekend but are below them because of a worse conference record after 9 games played. After next week, they will be on top of Cincinnati because of the victory. This also means Baltimore is the division leader after 9 games by virtue of their season sweep of the Steelers.

The questions I asked back in October:

1. Are the Texans going to end their playoff drought? A: Looked good until Schaub went down for the season.

2. Can the Bills begin another glorious decade? A: No, still a ways to go for consistency.

3. Will anyone beat Green Bay? A: No.



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