Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Post-Lockout NBA Road Trip

The NBA has ended its lockout and released an updated schedule. Fans can't wait for the season to start, but with all those games in such a short time, I expect the quality of basketball to be rather low as players get tired from all that travel and back-to-back games. There is a winner from the compressed schedule though, namely the basketball road tripper. With more games in less time, it is far easier to plan a 30-stadium jaunt. So that's what I did. Starting on Christmas, you can see all 30 stadiums in 53 days, finishing up with a Clippers tilt in mid-February. I suspect with a little extra work, you can find an even shorter trip, but I like this trip as there are no ridiculous drives and some big ticket matchups.
Dec 25 Chicago at LA Lakers
Dec 26 New Orleans at Phoenix
Dec 28 LA Clippers at San Antonio
Dec 29 San Antonio at Houston
Dec 30 Toronto at Dallas
Dec 31 Phoenix at Oklahoma City
Jan 03 Sacramento at Memphis
Jan 06 Cleveland at Minneapolis
Jan 07 Charlotte at Indiana
Jan 09 Detroit at Chicago
Jan 10 Dallas at Detroit
Jan 11 Sacramento at Toronto
Jan 13 Chicago at Boston
Jan 14 Philadelphia at Washington
Jan 16 Orlando at New York
Jan 18 San Antonio at Orlando
Jan 19 LA Lakers at Miami
Jan 21 Cleveland at Atlanta
Jan 23 San Antonio at New Orleans
Jan 24 New York at Charlotte
Jan 25 New Jersey at Philadelphia
Jan 29 Toronto at New Jersey
Jan 31 Boston at Cleveland
Feb 01 Miami at Milwaukee
Feb 03 LA Lakers at Denver
Feb 04 LA Lakers at Utah
Feb 08 Houston at Portland
Feb 11 Phoenix at Sacramento
Feb 12 Houston at Golden State
Feb 15 Washington at LA Clippers
Obviously this is not a journey that I will be taking, but as usual, it was fun to put together.



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