Monday, May 7, 2012

Stadium Journey Magazine

Regular readers will know that I've done a few reviews for the folks at Stadium Journey, a site dedicated to providing detailed information on sports venues around the world. Last year, they began publishing a  magazine on a bi-monthly basis with each issue is dedicated to a theme, such as the SEC or March Madness. The most recent SJ Magazine offering is all about Major League Baseball, with all 30 parks reviewed, special features on Fenway and the Marlins' new stadium among others, a trivia section, and a truly fantastic opinion piece on how the overseas openers are good for the game. In fact, I might say it is the best article I have ever read and makes the purchase of the magazine more than worthwhile. (That said article is written by me is merely a coincidence!)

Both print ($7.99) and digital ($2.99) versions are available here.  Please have a look and pick up a copy for your own MLB road trips in 2012.



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