Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 Florida Trip Summary

Being somewhat self-indulgent, I like to post quick trip summaries when I finish an extended journey. During the most recent trip, which began June 8 in Atlanta and ended July 8 in Toronto (yet is called the 2012 Florida Trip as I spent 3 weeks touring the Florida State League along with the Marlins and Rays), I saw 12 MLB games, 14 minor league baseball games, the NBA championship being won, a CFL contest and my first Indy Car race.

The Blue Jays were involved in 8 of those MLB games, going 4-4 naturally as they are 43-43 at the all-star break. It still amazes me that their trip to Miami coincided with game 5 of the NBA Finals and I was able to go. Such scheduling luck is rare on these trips and seeing LeBron win his first is a memory that will last the rest of my life.

I put a bit of a dent in the Quest for 400, visiting 12 venues on that list for the first time, bringing the total up to 182. Still a long way to go but hoping to get to 200 this winter with a few new hockey rinks. A lot depends on how the NHL labour negotiations proceed; if there is any delay at all, I won't be wasting my time or money on watching them for a long while.

Until then, it will be quiet in terms of sports travel as I start a new job in Singapore. I'll probably watch a few S League games, including one in Brunei, and travel around the region, but there isn't much in terms of interesting sporting events. I'll be updating this blog with some opinion pieces here and there, so check back regularly to see what's up.



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