Thursday, July 18, 2013

NFL Road Trip 2013 - It's On!

There are 50 days until the start of the NFL season and for me that means time to decide whether to visit all 32 stadiums in just 17 weeks for the 2013 NFL Road Trip. After much consideration, I've decided to go! The schedule is the most suitable, starting in Denver and ending in Seattle, avoiding the cold winter for the most part and spending Thanksgiving onwards in the south and west. My job is ending in August and so I have the time. And I am moving to the USA, which is conveniently where the NFL is located. So why not?

The schedule is below:

Week 1
Thu Sep 5    Baltimore at Denver 6:30 - Season Opener
Sun Sep 8    Oakland at Indianapolis 1:00
Mon Sep 9    Philadelphia at Washington 7:10 - Monday Opener

Week 2
Thu Sep 12   NY Jets at New England 8:25
Sun Sep 15   Cleveland at Baltimore 1:00

Week 3
Thu Sep 19   Kansas City at Philadelphia 8:25
Sun Sep 22   Chicago at Pittsburgh 8:30

Week 4
Thu Sep 26   San Francisco at St. Louis 7:25
Sun Sep 29   Chicago at Detroit 1:00

Week 5
Thu Oct 3    Buffalo at Cleveland 8:25
Sun Oct 6    New England at Cincinnati 1:00

Week 6
Sun Oct 13   Cincinnati at Buffalo 1:00

Week 7
Sun Oct 20   New England at NY Jets 1:00
Mon Oct 21   Minnesota at NY Giants 8:40

Week 8
Thu Oct 24   Carolina at Tampa Bay 8:25
Sun Oct 27   Buffalo at New Orleans 1:00

Week 9 
Thu Oct 31   Cincinnati at Miami 8:25
Mon Nov 4    Chicago at Green Bay 7:40

Week 10
Thu Nov 7    Washington at Minnesota 8:25
Sun Nov 10   Detroit at Chicago 1:00

Week 11
Thu Nov 14   Indianapolis at Tennessee 7:25
Sun Nov 17   Arizona at Jacksonville 1:00
Mon Nov 18   New England at Carolina 8:40

Week 12
Thu Nov 21   New Orleans at Atlanta 8:25
Sun Nov 24   San Diego at Kansas City 12:00

Week 13
Thu Nov 28   Oakland at Dallas 3:30 - Thanksgiving
Sun Dec 1    New England at Houston 3:25

Week 14
Sun Dec 8    St. Louis at Arizona 1:25

Week 15
Sun Dec 15   Kansas City at Oakland 1:05

Week 16
Sun Dec 22   Oakland at San Diego 1:25
Mon Dec 23   Atlanta at San Francisco 5:40

Week 17
Sun Dec 29   St. Louis at Seattle 1:25

The four rounds of playoffs are also an option, once we know the schedule. As I'll be living in New York, I hope to get to the Super Bowl as well.

My friends at Stadium Journey are going to help out with some logistics and I will post updates on the trip on a daily basis there.  My blog updates therefore will be very limited as I won't have the time to do everything so please follow along at Stadium Journey.

I plan to write a pre-season guide over the next few days as well as a book detailing the journey. More on those in a later post.

You can also follow the trip in real time on Twitter (@NFLStadJourney) and Facebook ( It's going to be four months of football and fun, so hope you can be a part of it.




  1. Looking forward to seeing you. Best to you on your NFL stadium visits.

  2. Way to go Sean, glad to see that you decided to take on this adventure!!

    I look forward to following your posts. No doubt it's going to be an incredible journey!

    All the best,
    Sean S. (Ottawa)