Friday, September 6, 2013

Baltimore Ravens 27 at Denver Broncos 49 - September 5, 2013

After months of planning, I was ready to finally see the first game of the trip. But with a 6:30 pm start, I had a few hours to tour downtown and pick up my rental car. I don't want to give an hour-by-hour recap of my day, rather I'll just post some pictures.

First, I spent some time being a tourist. The iconic State Capitol is being restored, so I could not take a picture of the beautiful golden dome, which is now covered by an ugly plastic sheet (above). I still took the free tour and according to the tour guide, the dome will be visible again in June, 2014. I'll be back.

Fortunately,  the Peeping Tom Bear at the convention center is still on display (above). Perhaps Denver's second icon.

I picked up the rental car, a red Ford Focus (above) which gets around 36 mpg. After picking it up, I drove it to a nearby transit station and took the train to the game at Sports Authority Field.

The next few pictures show the view from various spots in the stadium. The first bunch are when the stadium was still empty, look at the contrast between those and when the stadium is full.

The pre-game ceremony started on time, and included banners representing the other 15 Week 1 games covering fans in the 100 level. It was neat to see the Raiders vs Colts and Eagles vs Redskins banners there, the other two games I would attend this week. Can anyone else lay claim to this?

No need to recap the game itself, which began about 45 minutes late after a lightning delay. I guess Peyton Manning bottled some of that lightning as he threw for seven TD passes to lead the Broncos to a 49-27 win. Manning was only the 2nd QB in history to throw for 7 touchdowns without an interception. That's one TD pass in the air below.

The game was a great start to the trip. As I've explained before, you can get more details on Twitter and Facebook. Please follow along, there are still 31 games to see!



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