Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Minnesota Vikings 7 at New York Giants 23 - October 21, 2013

I was in New York this weekend because MetLife Stadium hosted a rare doubleheader, with the Jets playing on Sunday afternoon and the Giants on Monday evening. I wrote about the stadium in the Jets recap, so am just including a few pictures here for comparison. Amazing how quickly they change the entire atmosphere of the venue.

The lights on the sections are blue instead of green.

There was no Snoopy mascot at this game, I took a picture of Lucy instead, who is of course a permanent fixture at the stadium.

The Giants have the Legacy Club, a small room that contains memorabilia from their long history, including all 4 Lombardi Trophies. I have now seen 15 of these babies on the trip.

The other thing to note is the difference in the fan base between the two clubs. It is clear from the parking lot alone that the Giants' fans are more affluent, and they are better behaved too, with far less drunkenness and obnoxious behaviour. I also found Giants fans to be more fatalistic - whereas Jets fans bitched as soon as their team fell behind, Giants fans know their season is a write off and joked about their team more than anything. I guess 2 Super Bowls in the last 6 years gives you a bit of perspective. There were a number of Minnesota fans in our vicinity who were quite obnoxious, saying things like "Standings, baby!" (implying that 1-4 is much better than 0-6), but the fans in my section at least were good natured and gave as good as they got. They were certainly more entertaining than the game.

This was not a game that I would attend were I not on this trip. The Vikings were 1-4 while the Giants were still winless in six attempts. The big story was Josh Freeman making his first start for the Vikings, but that was soon overshadowed by how completely horrible this game was. I found a ticket outside for a massive discount and sat in the lower level in one end zone (above).

Adrian Peterson (#28 below) was supposed to run wild against the worst scoring defense in the league, but the Giants shut him down, as he could only manage 28 yards on a surprisingly low 13 carries.

In fact, the Vikings were shut out on offense as their only points came on an early punt return from Marcus Sherels. Eli Manning (below) led the Giants on a couple of long drives that resulted in field goals, but at least they took time off the clock so the fans could escape. The only nice play was a touchdown catch by Rueben Randle in the 2nd quarter than put the Giants up 10-7 and effectively ended Minnesota's chances.

Josh Freeman threw an interception on the pass below, and the Vikings fumbled a couple of times, including Sherels dropping a punt return deep in their own territory that the Giants immediately turned into a Peyton Hillis touchdown, which made it 17-7.

A couple of Giants field goals ended the scoring and against my better judgement, I stayed until the end to take the photo below.

Easily the worst game on the trip, but at least the fans in section 103 were a lot of fun. Now I'm off to Florida for Thursday's game in Tampa. Talk to you then.



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