Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 CFL Road Trip

The CFL schedule was released today and that means it's time for my CFL Road Trip plan. Doubtful I'll get the OK to do this, but it is only six weeks long and nearly perfect in that every team but Hamilton and Edmonton will be seen on the road, with the Stampeders the only club participating in multiple road contests.

The CFL trip is obviously much easier than the NFL one, because there are only 9 teams (Ottawa is back in the league with the indecisively named RedBlacks) and 20 weeks of action from which to choose. You can pretty much start at any week and create a reasonable trip, but you'll probably want to include Week 8 in any plan as there are four games in Ontario then. (Toronto has two home games in five days). Here is the schedule:

Sat Jul 19  Montreal at BC 4:00
Thu Jul 24  Calgary at Edmonton 7:00
Sat Jul 26  Toronto at Saskatchewan 8:00
Fri Aug  1  BC at Calgary 8:00
Sat Aug  7  Saskatchewan at Winnipeg 7:30
Thu Aug 12  Winnipeg at Toronto 7:30
Mon Aug 16  Calgary at Hamilton 3:00
Sun Aug 24  Calgary at Ottawa 3:00
Fri Aug 29  Ottawa at Montreal 7:30

You will notice that the playoffs are not included here. The Grey Cup will be in Vancouver on November 30th with two playoff weekends prior to that. You can in fact plan a trip starting on September 21st in Montreal and moving west without backtracking, finishing in Vancouver on the last week of the regular season. You could easily add the two Western playoff games to your schedule to complete the journey. I'll leave the planning as an exercise to you.




  1. Hey Sean,

    I give you the OK to do this! ;)

    Sean S.

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