Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 NFL Road Trip - For Old Times' Sake

OK, so why am I posting about the 2014 NFL Road Trip? I already completed my dream trip in 2013, seeing all 32 NFL stadiums over 117 days and then adding 3 playoff games and the Super Bowl to complete the journey. But when the 2014 NFL schedule was released the other day, I had mixed feelings. I wistfully recalled last year's schedule release, when I quickly realized that it would be a ideal season to take the trip. When events in my life came together perfectly and allowed me to make that trek, it was the advanced planning that made it possible to complete it without a problem. So in the interest of helping those who might be considering the same trip in 2014, I have put together a schedule that is quite similar to the one I enjoyed last year, although with about 3,000 extra miles. Also this one gets you to London:

Thu, Sep  4  Green Bay at Seattle 5:30 - Season Opener
Sun, Sep  7  Indianapolis at Denver 6:30 
Thu, Sep 11  Pittsburgh at Baltimore 8:25
Sun, Sep 14  New Orleans at Cleveland 1:00
Mon, Sep 15  Philadelphia at Indianapolis 8:30
Sun, Sep 21  Houston at NY Giants 1:00
Mon, Sep 22  Chicago at NY Jets 8:30
Thu, Sep 25  NY Giants at Washington 8:25
Sun, Sep 28  Atlanta at Minnesota 12:00
Mon, Sep 29  New England at Kansas City 7:30
Thu, Oct  2  Minnesota at Green Bay 7:25
Sun, Oct  5  Buffalo at Detroit 1:00
Mon, Oct 13  San Francisco at St. Louis 7:30
Thu, Oct 16  NY Jets at New England 8:25
Sun, Oct 19  Minnesota at Buffalo 1:00
Mon, Oct 20  Houston at Pittsburgh 8:30
Sun, Oct 26  Minnesota at Tampa Bay 1:00
Sun, Nov  2  Philadelphia at Houston 12:00
Thu, Nov  6  Cleveland at Cincinnati 8:25
Sun, Nov  9  Dallas vs Jacksonville 6:00 (London)
Mon, Nov 10  Carolina at Philadelphia 8:30
Thu, Nov 13  Buffalo at Miami 8:25
Sun, Nov 16  Atlanta at Carolina 1:00
Mon, Nov 17  Pittsburgh at Tennessee 7:30
Sun, Nov 23  Cleveland at Atlanta 1:00
Mon, Nov 24  Baltimore at New Orleans 8:30
Thu, Nov 27  Philadelphia at Dallas 3:30
Sun, Nov 30  NY Giants at Jacksonville 1:00
Thu, Dec  4  Dallas at Chicago 8:25
Sun, Dec  7  Kansas City at Arizona 1:05
Sun, Dec 14  Denver at San Diego 1:05
Sat, Dec 20  San Diego at San Francisco TBD
Sun, Dec 21  Buffalo at Oakland 1:25

It starts in Seattle with the season opener, pretty much a must for this sort of trip, and finishes in the Bay Area in Week 16, including a game on Saturday. This leaves the final week of the season to relax and watch all the critical games on TV. This trip also includes a flight to London for one of the three games there if you are so inclined. There is one killer drive from Chicago to Phoenix over two days near the end, but other than that everything is within reason here. There are 22,200 total highway miles (my trip was 19,000 highway miles and 20,353 miles overall) and you need to make three trips to Florida but in the end, this seems to be the best plan available. put together their own trip which is a bit longer at 27,000 miles. I've also written at Stadium Journey about a possible world record trip that would involve quite a bit of flying as well. If you want to avoid London, you can do a trip in 19,000 miles, about which I am writing a book for Stadium Journey. In any case, if you are thinking of taking the fall to explore the country via its NFL stadiums, you are spoiled for options!



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