Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ultimate Football Road Trip (2014 Edition) - My Book!

You might have forgotten about my 2013 NFL Road Trip, but I did not. I spent most of May writing a book about it. But rather than summarize my odyssey in diary format, I used the experience to plan a 2014 NFL road trip, offering tips in each city on the stadium, hotels, bars, attractions, as well as routes between the games. The games you would see are based on the actual 2014 NFL schedule, staring with the season opener in Seattle and finishing with a doubleheader in the Bay Area on December 20 and 21.

The book is called Ultimate Football Road Trip (2014 Edition), implying I'll update it next year with info on the new stadiums in San Francisco and Minnesota, and so on, and so on. I used a vanity publisher that had worked with Stadium Journey in the past, as there wasn't much time to shop it around with the content only meaningful for a few months, so it is only in ebook format.

The book is finally available and ready to become a New York Times bestseller (update: it did not become a New York Times bestseller and is no longer on the market as it was really just good for one season).

2015 and Beyond

The plan was to update this book for 2015 and add other leagues going forward to create a series of annual sports road trip books in hard copy (think Lonely Planet for sports), but there doesn't seem to be a large demand for these sorts of travel books, so for now, I'll just be continuing with the blog as usual.



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