Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving in Tampa

After taking it easy for the last couple of weeks to recover from my whirlwind London trip, I'm back on the road this weekend, escaping the cold in NYC for a couple of days of warmth in the Sunshine State. This trip was not on the radar until just a few days ago when the weekend freed up for me and I was able to find a cheap last-minute flight to Orlando.

Unfortunately, I have to work Friday, so I won't be able to see the UCF vs. USF football game that afternoon, but I will see both of their basketball teams, as well as revisit Raymond James Stadium. My hometown Ottawa Senators are visiting the Lightning as well, so I'll get three sports and four games in just two days.

The full schedule:

Sat Nov 29  Jacksonville Dolphins at USF Bulls 2:00
Sat Nov 29  Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00
Sun Nov 30  Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00
Sun Nov 30  Bethune-Cookman Wildcats at UCF Knights 6:00

I originally was thinking of seeing Giants at Jaguars to check out the renovations at Everbank Field, but why drive all that way when I can watch the biggest interconference mismatch in history with the Bengals at Bucs. The AFC North is 10-1-1 against the NFC South, leading many to argue that the champion of the NFC South should not make the playoffs. The CFL has a crossover system in place that saw the BC Lions take the place of the Toronto Argonauts in the Eastern Conference playoffs this season; maybe the worst non-playoff team in the AFC North should get the 4th seed in the NFC instead of the Saints or Falcons (or even Panthers)? Regardless, I can't pass up a chance to watch the train wreck that is the NFC South. It will be another fast trip, but as always, check back for recaps of the experience.



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