Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NFL Playoff Picture after Week 11

With the bye weeks complete, I am starting my annual NFL playoff picture, which will be updated on a weekly basis. It is interesting to see how teams move up and down week-to-week, so I will keep the previous standings in for reference purposes. After each team has played 10 games, the playoff contenders are:


Car 10-0
Ari  8-2
GB   7-3
NYG  5-5
Min  7-3
Atl  6-4
TB   5-5
Sea  5-5

Green Bay's win over Minnesota gives them the NFC North. Tampa Bay has a better conference record than Seattle. Dallas is 16th in the conference at 3-7 but with Romo back, can inch their way into playoff contention with a few more wins.


NE  10-0
Cin  8-2
Den  8-2
Ind  5-5
Pit  6-4
KC   5-5
Hou  5-5 
Buf  5-5
NYJ  5-5
Oak  4-6
Jax  4-6
Mia  4-6

Cincinnati has a better conference record than Denver, and the two play on the last Monday Night Football game this season. KC has the best conference record of the 5-5 teams.

It really isn't a very exciting race right now with only mediocre teams fighting for those final spots , but the next six weeks could see some interesting developments. I'll update this every week.



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