Monday, December 7, 2015

Arizona Cardinals 27 at St. Louis Rams 3 - December 6, 2015

I am getting old and my memory is fading fast. When I first put this trip together, I was going to finish with the Leafs game in St. Louis, but then I checked the NFL schedule and saw the Rams had a game against Arizona on Sunday afternoon. So I decided to stick around for that. Now, if my brain was still fully functioning, I would have recalled that I had seen the same matchup on the same weekend two years prior and called it one of the worst games on my NFL trip. Not only that, but I would remember that the Edward Jones Dome was the worst venue on that very same trip. I should have been on the first plane back to NYC on Sunday morning, but instead I forked over actual money for a ticket to this crapfest.

No need to talk much about the venue, but I'll show a few pictures just to lengthen the post.

It is early December and about 50 degrees, so I didn't even wear a coat to the game. Domes aren't all bad. Just mostly bad.

Memories of better days for Rams fans. The highlight for me was that I did not see a dead cockroach this time.

The view from my seat before the game. I enjoy sitting low in the end zone and using binoculars, although the upper end zone seats are better for following the play.

No need to recap this game, won by the Cardinals 27-3. Arizona was led by Carson Palmer (passing below) who finished 26/40 for 356 yards and two touchdowns for a 110 QBR.

St. Louis countered with Nick Foles (#5) who was terrible, going 15/35 with an interception for a 43.3 QBR. I was excited to see Todd Gurley, but he carried only nine times for 41 yards, with 34 of those coming on a single play. The Rams managed just nine first downs. It was ugly.

So ugly that most people had left by the end of the third quarter as you can see below. They were smart, because Fox Sports kept this one running long past the three-hour mark by inserting a few extra TV timeouts despite the fact that no one was watching at home.

Here is the final score in all its glory. Yes, the game lasted 3:14 even though each team left 2 timeouts on the board. Thanks Fox Sports!

The Cardinals are 10-2 and should get a first-round bye. The Rams will be moving to Los Angeles in 2016 which means I'll be seeing them again next year. Interestingly, the Bills play at the Rams next season, so I'll attend that and hope for a similar performance from the home team.



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