Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Trip to Washimorelphia Planned

I am off work for a couple of months and hoping to use the opportunity to make a dent in the remaining venues in my "quest" leagues, which in the winter are limited to the AHL and the NBA D-League. I had been including ECHL rinks on my list of places to visit, but after seeing a game in Brampton last month and being less than impressed with the quality of play, I eliminated that league from consideration. It just isn't worth going out of my way to see that level of hockey. You may think it isn't worth going out of my way to see the AHL either, but without it, I'd be at home all the time and that is not what sports road tripping is all about. So I'll be heading to Hershey, Utica, Portland, and the 5 new California AHL rinks in early 2016, as well as a few more D-League venues.

So that leaves a couple of weeks in 2015 in which to have a short getaway. The sport that provides the greatest choice in terms of games and venues is Division I college basketball, with 351 teams playing 2-3 games per week each. After scouring the schedules and looking at the NFL and NHL calendars as well, I came up with a 4-day jaunt along the southwest portion of the Northeast Corridor. I'll see 3 games in Washington, 2 in Baltimore, and finish in Philadelphia, thus I am calling it the Washimorelphia trip. A Google search reveals that this term has yet to be coined, so it should soon enter the vernacular when describing the area between the current capital and the first capital.

Anyway, here are the games:

Thu, Dec 17  Stony Brook Seawolves at American Eagles (NCAA Basketball) 7:30
Fri, Dec 18  Tampa Bay Lightning at Washington Capitals 7:00
Sat, Dec 19  UNC Asheville Bulldogs at Georgetown Hoyas (NCAA Basketball) 12:00
Sat, Dec 19  Princeton Tigers at Maryland Terrapins (NCAA Basketball, Baltimore) 7:00
Sun, Dec 20  Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens 1:00
Sun, Dec 20  Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles 8:30

As always, check back for updates along the way.



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