Monday, October 24, 2016

NFL Playoff Picture after 6 Games

With Week 7 complete, all teams have played at least 6 games. So we can have a quick review of the playoff picture at this juncture. At this point, it isn't very meaningful, but it will be interesting to see how it compares after week 12 and thereafter. Here are the standings with each team having played six games, obviously many teams have already played their seventh so again, don't take this too seriously. I'm keeping the standings after Week 3 for comparison.


Bal 3-0    NE  5-1
NE  3-0    Pit 4-2
Den 3-0    Hou 4-2
Hou 2-1    KC  4-2
Pit 2-1    Oak 4-2
KC  2-1    Den 4-2
--------   --------
Oak 2-1    Buf 4-2

Baltimore went from first to out of the picture, while Buffalo makes a rare appearance. Pittsburgh takes second over Houston based on strength of schedule, while KC (who have the best divisional record in the West) lost to both the Steelers and Texans. Oakland and Denver beat the Bills based on conference record.


Min 3-0    Dal 5-1
Phi 3-0    Min 5-1 
LA  2-1    Sea 4-1-1
Atl 2-1    Atl 4-2 
NYG 2-1    Was 4-2 
Dal 2-1    GB  4-2
--------   --------
Sea 2-1    Phi 4-2 
GB  2-1

Dallas have a slightly better conference record than Minnesota (the two play on December 1 in Minneapolis) and Seattle's glorious tie gets them the third seed. Washington beat Philly, and has a better conference record (2-1) than Green Bay (3-2), who are just ahead of the Eagles (2-2).

Very good chance that your Super Bowl teams are coming from this list above; I'll check back after 9 games to see what's changed.



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