Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NFL Playoff Picture After 9 Games

With Week 10 complete, all teams have played at least nine times so here are the standings at that mark. Several teams have already contested their tenth game, so already these standings are out of date, but it does give an idea of where teams lie just past the halfway point.  I'm keeping the standings after Weeks 3 and 6 for comparison.

Bal 3-0    NE  5-1    NE  7-2
NE  3-0    Pit 4-2    KC  7-2
Den 3-0    Hou 4-2    Hou 6-3
Hou 2-1    KC  4-2    Bal 5-4
Pit 2-1    Oak 4-2    Oak 7-2
KC  2-1    Den 4-2    Den 6-3
--------   --------   --------
Oak 2-1    Buf 4-2    Mia 5-4
New England has the better conference record than KC, which beat Oakland earlier this year to take the AFC West. Miami is on a 4-game winning streak to sneak into the picture and Baltimore has re-appeared after a couple of wins.

Min 3-0    Dal 5-1    Dal 8-1
Phi 3-0    Min 5-1    Sea 6-2-1
LA  2-1    Sea 4-1-1  Atl 6-3
Atl 2-1    Atl 4-2    Det 5-4
NYG 2-1    Was 4-2    NYG 6-3 
Dal 2-1    GB  4-2    Was 5-3-1
--------   --------   --------
Sea 2-1    Phi 4-2    Phi 5-4
GB  2-1               Min 5-4
Dallas is the class of the NFC but Seattle isn't far behind. Detroit beat Minnesota to take the NFC North. The Vikings are in free fall as you can see. Note that the wild card teams from each conference belong to the same division. The Eagles are 4th in the NFC East and still in the hunt. This is in no small part due to their interconference records: the NFC East is 9-1-1 against the AFC Central, while the AFC West is 8-3 against the NFC South.

Lots of surprising teams in the playoffs at this point, I'll check in again after Week 13 to see how they're doing.



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