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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 2 at Beloit Snappers 12 (Midwest League) - May 22, 2017

The final minor league game on the trip was in Beloit, a small town about an hour southwest of Milwaukee and home of the Snappers of the Midwest League. My buddy Duncan had flown in for the two games between the Brewers and Blue Jays and drove down to join me for this one as well. After a brief stop at Lucy's #7 Burger Bar (highly recommended), we headed over to Pohlman Field to see the Snappers take on their state rivals, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

After visiting a number of new stadiums on this trip, it was nice to see an older venue, with this one having opened in 1982. It's true.

The park is very old school with a small central seating section that has five rows of plastic chairs and six rows of benches above; the entire area is protected by netting. Down the lines are bleachers and picnic areas, which is where you go if you want to get a foul ball. Beloit is averaging just 419 so far this year (due in part to the cold weather), making it one of the better places to get a ball. It is interesting to note that if you leave the park to chase a foul ball, you will not be allowed to re-enter, but if you leave for any other reason, you will be allowed back in.

When we arrived, the tarp was on the field due to a slight drizzle, which ended up delaying the game about an hour and a quarter.

During the break, I ran into some Timber Rattlers getting dinner from the concession stand. Those are two pitchers who did not appear in the game, so I guess having bad food is OK. Actually, I tried the Tater Tot Chicken Strips from this stand and they were pretty good. I also grabbed a discounted slice of pizza in the last inning, which was probably a mistake. They even added a free box of popcorn that I gave to Duncan.

We also ran into Snappy, who was kind enough to pose for a picture with Duncan.

There aren't many features here. The standings of course...

...pennants for playoff appearances...

...and a Road to the Show board that is in desperate need of repair.

Bullpens are quite a bit away from the fencing well down the lines; the picnic areas are here so maybe that's to dissuade fans from throwing food at the players.

If you sit in the last few rows directly behind the plate, you can hear both broadcasters clearly, which adds a bit to the experience.

The Snappers have a few promotions, but with so few kids on hand, they were mostly for adults. In one, interns dress up as mattresses and race around the warning track...

... while in another, two men don inflatable balls and try to knock each other senseless.

Overall, Pohlman Field is probably the worst ballpark I have seen in quite some time. So naturally I loved it. Fans and staff are very friendly, you can move around easily, and the views from down the lines are not bad at all. Next time you are in Milwaukee, check to see if the Snappers are home and make the trip to see an old-style minor league park.

The Game

Wisconsin (Milwaukee) sent Thomas Jankins (13th round, 2016, below) to the mound while Beloit (Oakland) responded with Xavier Altamirano (27th, 2015), who only lasted two innings before being replaced by Dakota Chalmers (3rd, 2015, A's #11 prospect).

With the game tied at 1 in the fifth, Beloit burst out with a six-spot, highlighted by a monster 3-run jack from Luis Barrera. Two innings later, they added five more on three walks, three singles, and three wild pitches. Wisconsin added an unearned run in the 9th to make the linescore very interesting.

The scoreboard operator made a mistake and gave Beloit a hit, but it was an error. So the final linescore was Wisconsin 2-2-2, Beloit 12-2-2. The game took 2:32, exactly twice the length of the rain delay, with attendance a robust 192.


Before we entered, we were offered a lawn sign saying "We Back the Badge". A unique giveaway but sadly I don't think these would fit in the overhead bins, so we had to politely decline.

Next Up

The Jays are in Milwaukee to finish the road trip that started last week in Atlanta, and I'll finish my trip that started last week in Kissimmee. Check back Friday for a recap.



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