Venue Count

As a sports road tripper, my goal has always been to see new venues. Many of us sports travellers are about seeing as many games as possible, but I get bored going to the same stadium all the time; for me, it is traveling to new places that excites.

I use this page to keep track of how many venues I have visited. A venue is any stadium or arena that hosts a sporting event. The rules are simple - I must attend a regular season or playoff game at the venue for it to count. Pre-season games count only if played in a stadium that doesn't host regular season games, such as those in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues. Arriving significantly late or leaving early (before the contest is decided) invalidates the visit, with some exceptions for smaller venues. Any quest such as Club 123 or all 160 minor league stadiums requires a full game to be seen.

I've simplified my rules for counting venues. The same building can be counted only once for the same sport, but can be counted again for different sports. So Barclays Center has 3 visits - one each for Islanders, Nets, and boxing. It does not count as a separate venue for the Long Island Nets or NCAA basketball, but it does count as a G. League venue and an NCAA basketball venue so those specific league counts are accurate. Similarly Staples Center counts once as a basketball venue, but twice as an NBA venue because both the Lakers and Clippers play there and you need 30 stadiums to complete the league. Because of these rules, the number of venues for each sport will be less than the sum of the league counts.

By doing this, I have reduced the total number of venues by 39. The goal is to avoid padding your numbers and after much soul-searching, I decided that counting the same sport at the same building was doing just that. Some argue that by counting different sports in the same venue, I am padding the numbers, but I feel like the change in configuration does make it a different venue. Still, I have decided to track the unique venue count as well.

With these rules in mind, my total is now 830 venues with 760 unique. The breakdown by sport:

League      Total Notes
MLB           52  Includes Tokyo Dome and Hiram Bithorn Stadium, plus Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues  
MiLB         186  Completed all 160 active minor league ballparks in 2017      
Japan         27  Includes both majors, minors, college, and industrial leagues
NCAA          29  Includes two Division II visits
Independent    8  So many teams around, but quality of ball is not that good  
Arizona Fall   6  My favourite league
Others         5  Minor league in Taiwan, Canadian College, WBC in Brooklyn, Collegiate Wood Bat        
Unique Total 305  
League      Total Notes
NHL           49  Includes Yoyogi Stadium and Saitama Super Arena
AHL           41  All active rinks completed as of end of 2018-19 season
Minor         17  Includes ECHL, CHL and SPHL
Junior        29  Includes World Junior Championship and lower junior leagues
NCAA          11  Includes 2 club hockey
Others         5  Canadian College, Iceland, and 3 rinks in Japan, including the 1998 Olympics
Unique Total 141
League      Total Notes
NBA           44  Includes one Summer League visit, one preseason neutral site, and Saitama Super Arena
NCAA         105  90 active Division I men's home venues, 6 inactive, 3 tournaments, 3 women, 3 lower division
G.League      13  Good value here for hoopheads   
Japan          9  The bj league merged with the JBL to become the B.League
Others        11  Canadian College, Philippines, EuroLeague, Asean League, WNBA, International  
Unique Total 171
League      Total Notes
NFL           40  Includes Wembley
CFL           10  Saskatchewan remains
NCAA          19  Still over 100 to see in Division I
Others         5  Canadian College, Aussie Rules, Arena League, X League in Japan
Unique Total  68
League      Total Notes
MLS           10  League just keeps growing
Tier II       10  Includes USL, NASL and PDL
J-League      14  Includes 1 JFL visit
International 11  Includes World Cup, WCQ, Confederations Cup, Euro, and International Friendlies
Europe        12  Includes 6 Premier League
NCAA           9  Not bad quality here. Not great, but not bad either.
Others         7  Includes 5 Singapore venues plus 1 each in Vietnam and Ecuador 
Unique Total  69
Other Sports
Sport      Total Notes
Racing        12 F1, Formula E, Indy and A1, no NASCAR yet. Also horses
Rugby         11 Includes union, league, and sevens
Racquets      10 9 Tennis, 1 Squash
Lacrosse       8 Indoor and outdoor
Sumo           8 Four tournament venues, three jungyos, one honozumo
Cricket        6 
Fighting       5 MMA, Boxing, Judo, Muy Thai
Volleyball     5
Golf           4
Rodeo          2
Aquatics       2 Swimming, Diving, Water Polo
Hurling        1
Roller Derby   1
Table Tennis   1
Total         76
Here is the breakdown by country:
USA       621
Japan      76
Canada     75
England    14
Singapore  11
Australia   9
Philippines 3
France      2
Germany     2
Iceland     2
Thailand    2
Barbados    1
China       1
Denmark     1
Ecuador     1
Indonesia   1
Italy       1
Malaysia    1
Netherlands 1
Spain       1
Sri Lanka   1
Sweden      1
Taiwan      1
Vietnam     1
Here is the breakdown by decade and year more recently:
1970s       3
1980s      19
1990s      59
2000s     188
2010       52
2011       23
2012       47
2013       62
2014       55
2015       82
2016       83
2017       63
2018       32
2019       48
2020       14
Total     830
Updates are made here after every stadium visit so follow along if you have nothing else to do.