Thursday, October 20, 2022

World Cup Trip

This year's World Cup takes place in November in Qatar, immediately after the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. I had these events on my radar for a long time, and when Canada qualified for the tournament, I decided to combine the two into my first major international sports road trip. Even when I lived in Japan and Singapore, I never took extended sports trips outside North America; and since moving to the States, the longest overseas trip for just sports was five days in London back in 2015. Thus, I'll add a post detailing the schedule, something I have not done since 2019. 

Initially, I was just planning on seeing the F1 race and four World Cup games, but some other events have been added to the schedule, and it will actually be quite a busy trip after all. Most notably, Canada and Japan will be playing a soccer friendly in Dubai on the day I arrive, a very happy coincidence that should start the trip off right. 

Here is the full schedule:

Thu, Nov 17 DP World Tour Championship, Dubai 7:00
Thu, Nov 17 Canada vs. Japan, Dubai 17:40
Fri, Nov 18 Cameroon vs. Panama, Abu Dhabi 14:00
Sat, Nov 19 F1 Qualifying, Abu Dhabi 18:00
Wed, Nov 23 Belgium vs. Canada 22:00
Fri, Nov 25 Wales vs. Iran 13:00
Sat, Nov 26 Poland vs. Saudi Arabia 16:00
Sun, Nov 27 Spain vs. Germany 22:00
Mon, Nov 28 Brazil vs. Switzerland 19:00

In addition, there seems to be tickets available for other World Cup matches, so I hope to see each of the eight stadiums at which games will be held. As always, check back for recaps that will be posted after I return.



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