What's Left to See

With Club 124 and my minor league ballpark pursuit both in the books (except, of course, for new venues), I've run out of sports road trip quests. Fellow sports travellers are currently chasing all FBS stadiums or Big Ten football and basketball venues, but college stadium quests are a slippery slope. With over 388 Division I basketball courts alone, I could spend the next 10 winters completing that (I've seen 94 of those so far). My wife suggests a good divorce lawyer would be necessary should I even consider this. Update: She never reads my blog, so I am secretly considering this.

Still, I can't give up on the idea of having some sort of stupid list of sporting events to see. Some are already on the blog, such as Toronto on the Road, but others are added from time to time. This page lists everything that is still on my sports travel radar. As time passes, this list should diminish until I either complete everything or die. Given the way that Big 4 venues continue to open, the latter option is far more likely.

In order of importance, here is what I still want to see:
Club 124: Complete 
Minor League Baseball: Complete
AHL: Complete. New Venues: Abbotsford (2023-24)
CFL: Complete
Maple Leafs on the Road: Complete. New venues: Seattle 2023-24, Vancouver 2023-24
Blue Jays on the Road: Complete
States and Provinces: Complete
Days of the Year: Complete
Big 4 Road Teams: Complete 
States for Baseball: AK, WY
States for NCAA Basketball: HI, ID, MN, MS, MT, ND, OH, OR, SC, SD, UT
NCAA Basketball Conferences: Big South, MAC, MEAC, Missouri Valley
Generally, I plan to see every new Club 124 and minor league baseball venue during the season it opens. Otherwise convenience of schedules will take priority.

I have seen every team in the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA on the road, but whenever a new team appears, I'll have to do that too. I have also seen a game on every day of the year, as well as one in every state and province, and those should never see an addition. Now with my NCAA basketball quest, I've got a couple more lists to complete. So yeah, I'm really scraping the bottom in terms of things to see, but it will keep me going for a few more years at least.



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